Love to Ride for Business

More staff riding =

Love to Ride gives your business healthier, happier, more productive staff.

Ready to roll?

Love to Ride gives you the benefits of a …

Wellness Program

Sustainability Program

Transportation Program

Team building Program

Combined into a proven program used by more than 8,000 companies worldwide.

We support your existing programs and provide you with a specialist cycling encouragement tool.

If you want to achieve all the benefits that more staff biking will bring, then you have found the best tool for the job.

A bunch of benefits


Healthier Staff

2.4 fewer sick days – average saving of a regular rider

Reduced insurance premiums – save an average of $600 per staff per year.

Increased Productivity

Staff who ride are

More alert at work

Less stressed (they’re not stuck in traffic! And exercise is a natural stress reliever)

Have more energy!

Increased Retention

Staff turnover can cost between 16-21% of the employee’s annual salary.

Happier, healthier staff who feel supported by their employer are more satisfied and less likely to find another job.

Show your staff that you care about their wellbeing and happiness

Reduce Parking Costs

Car parking costs can be huge – on average $1,900 per space per year.

Save money by encouraging more of your staff who live nearby to ride.

Three Key Benefits

Find out the three key benefits of Love to Ride for Business.

What people say about Love to Ride

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What You Get

We’ll tailor a program to meet your needs, goals and budget. You can have just 1 campaign for a month, or have 4 campaigns spread as part of a year-round encouragement program.

A Tailored Program

We’ll tailor a program to meet your needs, goals and budget. You can have just 1 campaign for a month, or have 4 campaigns spread as part of a year-round encouragement program.

Your own love to Ride business page

The online cycling community for your staff – containing all the information they need in order to learn how to ride safely and comfortably. Collects ride data and displays stats at the individual, workplace and organization-wide level.

Unite all your workplaces and departments

All of your workplaces and departments from around the country/world can register on your Love to Ride platform. Love to Ride is available in multiple languages.

Engagement Pack

We’ll provide you with a full promotional pack to help you get the word out and people engaged.

Prizes and Incentives

Your staff will be eligible to earn all our global and local prizes. You can also add your own incentives and rewards to the website.

Guidance and Support

We’ll provide you and your colleagues with initial and ongoing guidance and support.


View stats and access shareable reports on how many miles, trips, CO2, calories, etc, that your staff are riding. Also data on who’s riding, how often, reported barriers to riding at each workplace and much much more.

Platform Features

Love to Ride for Business gives you access to the following:


Statistics and Data

See the combined impact your staff are having through riding.

View your statistics for a particular time period

Visualize your Data

See trends over time.

Download your Workplace Riding Data

Get Beautiful Data Reports

Profile Pages For Your:

    • Organization
    • Workplaces / Sites
    • Departments
    • People

Message your colleagues

Inform and encourage your colleagues.

Internal Leaderboards

So your colleagues can enjoy some friendly competition and extra motivation.

Incentives and Prizes

Your co-workers can win great prizes!

We organize a ‘premium prize drawing’ each month for all staff in the Love to Ride for Business platform.

You can also organize your own prize draws through the platform.


We’re here to support you and your colleagues.

Both you and your colleagues can contact our support team, anytime, with any questions you have about cycling or about Love to Ride.

Get Tips and Advice

We provide helpful guides and tips.

Targeted Advice

We understand each staff member’s individual barriers to riding and provide relevant support to help them.

Mobilize your Choir

Instead of preaching to the choir (people who already ride) we give them the tools to make it easy and fun for them to get more people to rediscover the benefits of bike riding.

Your Staff Will…

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